QuickBooks Password Reset Tool–Updated

In the recent release of QuickBooks, Intuit has added a new integrated password reset tool, which is described as help in adjusting the solution of password lockout. Is this a blessing, or a major security mistake?

Since security has increased for financial data, due to the extent of the identity of theft concerns, password usage and complications have increased significantly. In recent years, payment card industry standards have created additional issues related to complex passwords and mandatory password reset requirements. That’s possible, because the number and complexity of the password has increased, so our ‘small gray cells’ are missing out on the passwords that work with, that the QuickBooks Administrator will have the last chance to forget the password is.

Intuit is offering a QuickBooks password reset tool for years. One was designed as a “self help” device that can be downloaded from the QuickBooks Support website. The second tool was a more sophisticated utility that was used by Intuit Technical Support personnel when the user could not find the download tool to download. Both tools shared a common “safety caution”, each device requires a “security token” (code), which was generated by the server of Intuit based on the confirmation of a registered QuickBooks license number.

Initially, besides the QuickBooks ProAdvisor, many people did not know that these devices were present. But in recent years, such as user requests for password assistance increased, Intuit started advertising the availability of these devices on support websites and user forums. The increase in awareness about these “safety proceedings” has led to the possibility of abuse.

Sometimes we forget things or we write it and then give the piece of paper the wrong place! It sometimes happens with a password.

Or a trusted person knew the password, and then leaves it or is removed … and later can not share the password with you or not.

If this happens with your QuickBooks company password, do not worry. The problem is solvable. There are two ways to deal with this:

  1. If you are using QuickBook 2011 or later, you can reset it within QuickBook. On the login screen, click the link next to the password prompt that says “I forgot my password”.

If you have established a challenge question, then it will ask you, and if you remember the answer, you are back in business. If not, click “I forgot my answer”

Then you will see this screen.

QuickBooks Password Reset

QuickBooks confirms that the password of the file is being issued to the authorized party on the record. An email will be sent to that address with the temporary code.(See below that the email address is unavailable to you now.)

You enter that code at the prompt, and then you will be able to enter a new password for the file.

After doing this, it takes you back to the original log in the screen. You can enter a new password and you are like a Flynn.

  1. Download QuickBooks Automatic Password Reset Tool This is a free, downloadable tool for resetting your password. According to the above method, you have to provide the same information, to confirm that you are authorized to reset the password:

* QuickBooks License Number

* First and last name

* Record email address

* Business phone number of the record

* Pin Code

You will then be able to download and run the utility for resetting the password.

Fortunately, Intuit also offers for unsupported (old) versions of QuickBooks. This is only available for Windows versions, however. It does not work on Mac versions or, of course, online versions of QuickBooks.

What if your QuickBooks installation is connected to an email address that you no longer have as a pre-employee personal email? You can go to some hoops to update your e-mail address. And then use one of the methods given above to reset the password.



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