What is QuickBooks POS Online and How Is It Different From ‘Traditional’ POS?

What is QuickBooks POS?

One of the most popular POS software from Intuit is the QuickBooks Pos Online. This is used by retailers to maintain cash registers, track inventory, sales and customer information. Integrating with other apps, such as QuickBooks software, CRM, etc., QB POS can streamline various sales and accounting processes.

What is QuickBooks POS Online?

In traditional POS systems, data is stored on in-house or local server and is operated on closed internal network. Introduction of the cloud in the POS system means breakthrough from the limitations of the local facilities.

QuickBooks POS Online

Image: How QuickBooks POS Online Works?

When the QuickBooks POS software is installed on the hosting provider’s remote server, it is known as QuickBooks POS Online. Previously, the hardware costs have come down. Includes benefits such as continuation of business and centralized data availability for any store.

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Factor which separates QuickBooks POS Online and Traditional POS

Expansion of business with new connected stores: QuickBooks POS hosting allows companies to add new stores without any limitation of the geographical location faced by companies using traditional POS. If you have many retail stores. If you are planning to open new ones, then cloud hosting ensures. Your POS system will remain within a few hours.

1. Data accessibility throughout the globe

One of the major distinguishing features is accessing data or making changes to it from anywhere. Different users can make changes and track them via remote access without being available on-site, unlike the traditional QuickBooks POS setup.

2. 24*7 support

To keep your sales process running and running. Most major hosting providers provide continuous support at no extra cost. You can setup and configure POS on the cloud server. These can help with connecting printers, integration with accounting software, with issues like.

3. Profitability

QuickBooks POS Online has changed the way the business has to reduce costs. Traditionally, POS hardware has to be purchased further with the terminal fees and support / maintenance contract fees for server setup. With Hosted QuickBooks POS, a monthly fee should be paid to reach the computer. This will never hinder the costs of business benefits.

4. Automated backups

Hosting on cloud POS has a standout feature. That data is backed up at multiple data centers. This feature is missing in the traditional model of traditional POS platform. Multiple data backup businesses provide a more reliable platform. These cover all unexpected situations. As a result, data loss may occur. Which is not included in traditional POS.

5. Enhanced security

Trustworthy QuickBooks POS hosting providers ensure this. To protect the data office, multiple firewalls are deployed at physical and server level to combat any type of malicious software or command infiltration.

It is recommended to select QuickBooks POS online project such as Ace Cloud Hosting. To keep your data safe and secure, it’s important to deploy strong security practices such as end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication among others.

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6. IT maintenance reduced to zero

In-house servers has a maintenance cost which is incurred by the organization keeping it, whereas the Hosted QuickBooks POS is totally managed and maintained by the service provider. This help businesses to focus on their customers and their needs rather always keeping an eye at the in-house server and its regular maintenance.

7. BC & DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)

Traditional QuickBooks POS data is retained on the in-house server facility and is supported. From which it becomes weak for unexpected events. Thereby causing data loss and may affect business continuity. On the contrary, QuickBooks POS online data is supported in many places in many data centers. In which to deal with such unexpected events with unnecessary copies, business continuity may be affected.

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